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        Discover the best of the best of the best - Sprouts, Microgreens, Devices and more. Grow Your Own.

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        Certified Organic Standards

        All of our seeds come from farmers who are certified organic, and have shown decades of commitment to organics.

        Family Owned and Operated

        We started in 1993, have grown over 200 tons of sprouts, microgreens, and grass - by hand, and love to help people learn.

        No GMOs Ever!

        We loathe GMOs. We will Never Ever let a genetically modified seed even visit Sproutpeople.


        The best non-plastic sprouter on our planet! Durable. Versatile. Affordable.

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        The perfect choice for anyone who wants to give sprouting a try or turn a friend on to sprouting.

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        Broccoli Sprouts

        The most famous sprout in America. Mild flavor, mild crunch, and big time nutrition.

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